Dr.K.T.Alexander Memorial Hospital
Coyalmannam, Palakkad - 678 702
Phone: 04922-273022

About Us

The Dr.K.T.Alexander Memorial Hospital is one of its kinds in Kerala, founded in 1931 by Late Dr.K.T.Alexander. Presently his son Dr.Paul Alexander runs it. It is the first homoeo nursing home in South India. It does not have any branches. The hospital is an oasis of hope and healing for hundreds of patients. A team of qualified doctors,

Manager and dedicated staff mans the well-equipped hospital. The hospital has an enviable reputation, which attracts patients from far and near. This hospital is equipped with all modern amenities such as special beds for patients and other conveniences. It is noteworthy that only the cost of medicines is taken from the patients, as the nursing is free.

The hospital is renowned for correct diagnosis and efficient nursing. There will be around three hundred patients in the O.P and thirty patients in the I.P daily. Proper diagnosis and treatment for diseases brings people from different parts of the country that are having incurable diseases. The most attracting factors of homoeo treatment are that it is not much expensive and it does not have any side effects.