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I am LokhaNathan, 30 yrs residing atTirupurr. I have recurrent attack painful abscess on my both armpits for the last 8 years, that is very much irritated and disturb my lifestyle totally. I lose my confidence level and not much concentrate on my job and took a different mode of treatment but not got any more relief for my complaints. at that time my cousin said about a Homeo Hospital at Palakkad. Then, I was inspired to go to hospital Dr.Paul Alexander Sir assured me and he took my case in detail. then he gave medicine continuously for just 3 months. Now, I am cured of my complaints. Thank you, Sir.

30 years
2/34 Kaniyampoondi
Vanji palayam P.O
Avinashi TK

I was a chronic epileptic patient from the age of 2 to 24. I had taken different types of treatment, but got no relief from epileptic seizures. At the age of 24, I consulted Dr. Paul Alexander of Alexander Memorial Hospital, Coyalmannam. He recommended a 2 years course of treatment for me. After 2 years, I didn’t have an episode of epilepsy. Now I am 32 and I have been perfectly cured of my epileptic seizures and leading a normal life.

32 years
Mobile: 9847667068

I had a cyst in my right ovary. I was very scared as many people gave me different comments and opinions on it. At that time the only option was to operate it. Then I consulted Dr. Paul Alexander of K.T Alexander Memorial Hospital which is situated at Chandapura, Coyalmannam, Palakkad. Dr. Paul Alexander assured me that the cyst can be cured with medicine itself and that there was no need for a surgery. Following the advice of the doctor, I took homeopathy medicine for one month. The following month, Doctor asked me to scan and the scan report came negative. I am very thankful to Dr. Paul Alexander for saving me from the agony of going through operation.

M. Chinju
D/o Mr. K. Muraleedharan, M.A.S house,
Coyalmannam, Palakkad.

My son Jim was cured of his illness at Dr.Alexander Memorial Hospital. He started showing the symptoms at the age of three. His hair started falling off and eczema developed all over his body. Ever since then many doctors, dermatologists and skin and hair specialists had treated him. But no one could cure him. In fact, his condition was getting worse by the antibiotic and steroids given by the doctors here. We were very much worried and desperate without knowing what to do and where to take him. It was at this time we came to know of Dr.K.T.Alexander Memorial Hospital through a relative in Kerala. He told us of many cases which were returned from the hospitals, saying that there is no further treatment, was completely cured at Dr.Alexander Memorial hospital. And thus we came here. After the treatment from here my son has shown tremendous recovery. All his hair has grown back and the eczema has disappeared from his body.

Thomas M.Mammen
Hazel Crest, Illinoy, U.S.A

For many years I have been a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient. Initially, I tried Allopathic Medicine, but I got only temporary relief. Then I took Ayurvedic medicine and got a little benefit. Meanwhile my back pain was getting worse. As per a medical opinion I underwent Gynaecological examination. The doctor examined and advised me to take a scan of the lower abdomen and the scan report showed Fibroid tumour. Surgical treatment was suggested and operation date was fixed. Operation fear and the chronic disease made me to pray to God and I was inspired to go to Alexander Memorial Hospital, Coyalmannam. We went there with all the records. Doctor carefully examined the records and gave me medicine for 45 days and asked me to take another scan after this course. I took the second scan and the Gynaecologist said that there was no tumour in scans anywhere. Praise the lord for this wonderful healing. After about one and half years a third scan was taken and this scan report also showed no tumour in my uterus. Now I'm taking Homoeo medicine from Dr Paul Alexander for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can say I have very great relief from my pain.

Mrs.Molly Sabu
W/o Mr.Sabu Karikkassery

My daughter Chippy is undergoing treatment at Dr. Alexander Memorial Hospital since 1999 for congenital heart disease. After the check-up in Puttaparthy they told that Operation is not necessary and asked to continue with the treatment in Alexander Memorial Hospital.

Vadavannoor, Palakkad.

My daughter Naushia was taken to the doctor on the 82nd day after her birth due to fever and breathing trouble. She was then taken to Coimbatore Kuppuswamy Hospital. From their diagnosis it was found that her lungs had undergrowth and they discharged us saying that they had no treatment for that. At last we came to Dr. Alexander Memorial Hospital. Doctor told us to give her medicine for 2 years and we did that. Now she is eight years old and she is running around and playing very healthily. We are grateful to Alexander Memorial Hospital for curing our daughter.

Mr.M.E.Abdul Jaleel
Noushad Manzil
Kadavalavu, Thathamangalam.

I had heart problem. Other doctors told me to undergo a surgery. I came to Dr. Alexander Memorial Hospital and I am under the treatment here. Now I am somewhat relieved from my problem. Thank you doctor.


The testimonial of the parents of a 1 year old who had been cured of Hepatitis B from the institution: After our daughter was diagnosed to have Hepatitis B, we tried Alopathy, Ayurveda etc, but all in vain. Then we heard of Dr.Alexander's hospital and we took her there as a last resort and our belief was not wrong .Her blood reports before and after treatment in the institution is given below: 21/11/2002-serum Bilirubin value was 10.9 and HBs Ag +ve; After 2 weeks treatment Serum Bilirubin came down to 2.3 and 1 1/2 months after starting the treatment the values were serum Bilirubin 0.4 and HBs Ag -ve. We are very grateful to Dr.Paul Alexander for the service he has rendered to our child and we wish him all success in the future .

Vattakuzhiyil house,
Kaliyar road P.O., Chelakkara

She came here with complaints :–
1. fibroid uterine-size 1.4cm,1.9cm & 2.1cm 2. Rheumatic complaint Joint Pain
RA factor positive
After 3 months treatment.
RA factor became negative Then treatment continued after one year.Scan report normal. Fibroid completely cured.

Aasiya-Age 60
Marhaba Manzil
Kattusseri, Alathur, Palakkad
Mob: 9446830581

A case of Kikuchi disease. The patient was suffering fever with cervical lymphadenopathy. All investigations were normal except ESR. Conventional treatment yielded no result. She came here on 22nd Jan 12 and took treatment for one month and was completely cured.

Bini Mol- 24Years

Sister P S MaryKutty Christudas Ashramam Coyalmannam
She was suffering from renal stone for some while. Initially conventional treatment was given without much improvement, and then they suggested surgery. She came here and took Homoeopathic medicine. Now she is completely cured of renal stones. Scan reports came out normal.

I have been bronchial asthma for last 6 yrs. I tried allopathic medicine, but only temporary relief.Then I decided to take homeopathy medicine and I consult Dr.Paul Alexander and stated medicine. Now I have great relief from my bronchial asthma.

Indulekshmi P
Devi Nivas
Mathus – Agraharam PP
Palakkad 673571
Mob: 9947316569

She was suffering from Leucoderma last 4 yrs. Initially conventional treatment was given without much improvement. She came here and took homeopathy medicine. Now she is completely recovered.